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  1. I have dealt with constipation all my life. I am currently taking Natural Ginesis Dyna Powder. 1- Want to make sure this is safe for me. 2-I don’t drink milk because of the headaches I get and just makes me feel bad (nothing to do with my stomach). I tried almond milk, but it constipates me really bad. What other milk is there that I can take. 3-I have been told by 2 pharmacist that possible I have a fatty liver, certain vitamins, foods etc. just have bad effect on me; really nervous, hyper, agitated, plain out mean.

    1. Roberta,
      Thanks for your question.
      I see that you have an issue with dairy and other dairy substitutes. All this leads me to think you may be dealing with food sensitivity issues.
      Are there other foods that cause you problems? This is something we see quite commonly. Medically it is often overlooked, or treated as something that it is not. There are some very specific testing that can be done to help determine all the issues you have, but they are a little pricey. One that we have a lot of experience with is the AlCat testing. I always suggest our less expensive method first, avoid any known food that cause problems, and stop all dairy and all grains. If the problem goes away, you know it is these families and we can gradually add back things one at a time and determine the culprit.

      Of course when you think of constipation, you think of a sluggish thyroid. Not sure if you have had that tested, and if so, did they do a complete enough test to determine all the thyroid functions. We always test a complete functionality of the thyroid by testing the TSH, which is the brain telling the thyroid what to do as well as the various thyroid hormones (T4, T3, etc.) to determine that function.

      There are many other possibilities as to the root of your problem, and I would suggest some very in-depth lab work to determine your areas of problem, like the fatty liver you mentioned. That is something we see a lot of as it is the fasting growing chronic condition in America. We always suggest that you call and have a free consult with one of the doctors to make sure we have all the information we need, and to make sure you get the testing you need. If you look over our website you will see that our costs for lab work are very reasonable, and one reason we do the free consult is to make sure you don’t spend money unnecessarily.

      We look forward to helping you regain your health, and we are only a phone call away.
      Yours in health,
      Dr. Jim Fox

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