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GMO’s, Glyphosate and deteriorating health in America!!

That headline should grab your attention, it did mine. The headline was the name  given an article published in the Journal of Organic Systems on November 2, 2014.   If you would like to read the details, click on the link.

Before you dismiss this as some crackpot swipe at GMO’s and glyphosate, let me explain that the Journal mentioned is not about organic foods, its about organic systems. Organic systems are systems based on organic chemistry, or anything containing carbon. We human beings are carbon based, therefore we are an organic system. Just to clear that up. This is a peer reviewed professional journal, not Mad Magazine.

At this point I would like to make you aware that this is not the only scientific research that has ever been done on the effects of glyphosate. In 2012 Dr/ Gilles-Eric Seralini published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, a paper outlining the effects of feeding GMO corn, Monsanto Roundup ready corn, to his lab animals. In that paper Dr. Seralini and his team found that rats fed for two years with this glyphosate treated corn developed many more tumors and died earlier than the control group that was fed a regular diet.

That paper was so hotly debated, and I am sure a lot of pressure from ‘you know who’ (Big Agra and certain chemical companies), it had to be retracted by the journal in 2013. However the journal publisher, Elsevier in Amsterdam stated, “no evidence of fraud or intentional misrepresentation of the data“. If that sounds a little fishy to you, it did to me too.

Fast forward to June of 2014 and the paper was again published in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe, an open access publication. This time Dr. Seralini also published all his raw data stating that he wanted to be a “paragon of transparency” and stated that he hoped companies making and selling genetically modified foods would follow his example. On that one I am still waiting, how about you?

Back to the research paper just published in the Journal of Organic Systems where the team led by Dr. Nancy Swanson looked at data since the introduction of GMO crops and related chemicals that started in 1974. There is mounting evidence that glyphosate (Roundup and others similar) interferes with many metabolic processes in both plants and animals. Research also shows that glyphosate residues have been found in both plant and animal, and yes, that would include us humans.

Dr. Swanson and her team looked at the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases reported in the  United States over the past 20 years. They chose 22 diseases: stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, lipoprotein metabolism (cholesterol problems),  Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections, end stage renal (kidney) disease,  acute kidney failure, cancers of the thyroid, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer,  kidney cancer, and myeloid leukemia. The majority of these conditions had a strong correlation showing the effects of glyphosate and GE (Genetically Engineered) corn and soy. So much so that the researchers suggest more advanced research to further investigate this correlation.

When we look at the percentage of our corn and soy, as well as other crops, that are GMO or GE, something becomes very alarming. The percentage of corn that is GMO is at least 88 to more than 90%. Even though you may not eat a lot of corn in the form of just corn, you are getting it via the animal products that you eat. The majority of animal feed is GMO corn and other grains, think soy.

Let’s look at soy. 93% or more of all soy is GMO. And even if you are a vegetarian and don’t get it via animal feed, start reading labels. Soy oil is one of the foundation oils used in so many processed foods it is almost impossible to avoid. Oh, and let’s not forget canola oil, 90% of that is GMO. Get the picture?

When we look at the food dollar that is spent in the U.S. we see that 90%+ is spent on processed foods. WOW. The only safe thing to do is cook from scratch. I know, it sounds like hard work. However, when we see the results of the above mentioned research, we know that is the only way to actually stay healthy. Buy organic foods wherever possible. Local is great. Just read labels.





Regarding Ignorance and Shamelessness in the US Medical Industry … plus more!

The headline pretty much sums it up with the state of healthcare, or should we say ‘disease care’ in America.

Steven D. Shapiro, MD, chief medical and scientific officer for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) at the largest, international, inter-professional health meeting. In a plenary panel with his fellow health system leaders from Mayo and University of Minnesota, legacy healing orlando drug facility and Shapiro stated bluntly, “Only about a quarter of what we do has strong evidence and we only do that about half the time.”

That should give you a warm fuzzy feeling for sure. And the fact that none of his colleagues challenged him is even more telling. That means they must agree, at least, with the basic tenets of his comment. Just sharing reality?  Scary, huh?

This is actually very telling about medicine, as practiced, today. Some science that might be distorted by money, GOD forbid, and only that is done half the time? So, if you are like me, you are wondering what is done the rest of the time?  According to this drug rehab near me, more drugs and more side effects, then more drugs, that is what is done on a regular basis. Take the recent news that sugar, and not sodium, is the root cause of hypertension.  Yet we see so many people that have been scared out of their minds about salt.  Medicine uses fear and guilt as well as the Old Testament did.

If this makes you question the ‘just through a prescription at it’ mentality of modern medicine, you are not alone.

What has to happen should be very clear, you have to be personally involved in your health care, not just a bystander. It is up to each of us to become more involved in what can make us healthy, and what can keep us healthy. Learning more about ‘the real truth of nutrition’ of the foods that we eat on a regular basis. Being flexible in our lifestyle and making small changes that can have a major impact on how we live and feel. Just ‘food for thought’.

Effects of vitmain D2 and D3 on Amyloid-B40 (plaque associated with Alzheimer’s)

Your doctor checked you vitamin D levels, they were low, and he or she put you on a D2 supplement. Good or bad? Could be a lot better for sure.

A new article in Current Alzheimer Research, ( ) published in September, 2014, shows that vitamin D2 can actually cause an increase in the B-Amyloid plaque seen in Alzheimer’s disease, while the D3 form of the vitamin did not cause any increase in the B-Amyloid.

This is profound due to the fact that the prescription form of vitamin D that is used by mainstream medicine is the D2 form.  We can look into the prevalence of the increase in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and know that anything that increases the B-Amyloid plaques associated with it is not a good thing.

Ad to that the fact that we know from prior research that vitamin D3 is associated with a decrease (6%) in overall mortality and D2 is associated with an increase (2%) in overall mortality. Wow, and they still prescribe the stuff? You might ask; why haven’t we seen this in the mainstream news? Good question. My thought is that you may never see this in the mainstream due to the connection to Big Pharma, the drug companies that make D2.  Another interesting factoid, just published in the Journal Epidemiology, shows that low levels of vitamin D increases the risk of dementia. We just have to make sure it is the right kind of D, that being D3, and not D2.

Here is another place where you and I are going to have to look after our own health. We can’t depend on a system that advocates prescribing something that ca make for increased overall mortality.

Reminds me of a quote of a physician I have a lot of respect for: “never relinquish your common sense to anyone, especially a health care provider”, George McCullars, M.D, Ph.D. Now that we know, we can do the right thing!






Why insurance companies don’t pay for prevention!

This is something that we hear all the time; why don’t my insurance company pay for preventative care? Sounds reasonable, if they helped keep us healthier, then it would cost them less in the long run, right? Not so fast. Let’s look at the numbers before we place our bets.

Insurance companies know, from their history, that odds are you are not going to be with them long term. You change employers, you move, some company offers a lower rate, and you are gone, literally.

I think we can all agree that we are not in love with our insurance company, and may change frequently but, we need to understand their position on prevention. Why should one company spend the money to help some other company save money? Try and explain that to the shareholders.   Here is where we have to understand that all insurance companies are in business to make money. They are not benevolent societies, they are for profit corporations.

Now that we understand the economics of prevention from the insurance companies standpoint, we can understand why it is up to us individuals to take care of our own health. But when you see Leuter Insurance Group website  you learn that prevention pays it’s dividends back to us in the form of better health and longevity. Think about prevention in your car. You change oil, etc. to make it last longer. We need to do the same thing for our bodies. Would you skip the oil change because somebody else refuses to pay for it. I didn’t think so.

Next time you ask your doctor to do a specific test that you are curious about, or have read about, and he or she refuses, you can understand the ‘why’. No insurance company wants to pay for prevention. After all, you probably wont be with them in the long run.

Brief understanding of the ICD 9 diagnostic coding system

Here is a comment that we hear all too often; I asked my doctor to test my_____________, and they refused. Hopefully this will help you understand why this happens.

For instance, I talked to a gentleman that had asked his doctor to test his testosterone. He is over 50, and has experienced some fatigue, both good reasons to ‘want to know’. His doctor asked him why he wanted the test, and he responded; because I want to know. His doctor fired back; wrong answer! Needless to say, he was perturbed, until I explained the ICD coding system.

The ICD coding system is the International Classification of Diseases and it is used to tell the insurance company, and anyone else looking into your records, know exactly why the test was needed. Yep, once they use an ICD code, you are labeled. There are thousands of these troublesome little codes, and if the wrong one is used, you are labeled with something you may or may not have, for life. Oh, and there is not one for ‘the patient wanted to know’. No code, no test ordered and no test payed for by the insurance company.

This is why we do not file insurance claims or provide the information, ICD code, that is needed for the filing. We do not like being restricted by insurance companies and their cumbersome requests for ‘more information needed’, which always happens if a test other than the ‘routine’ are ordered.

We at Doctor’s Nutrition provide you with access to getting a test done because ‘you want to know’, and at a very reasonable cost. If you are tired of being told no, there is a better way. Taking control of your healthcare will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Call us, we can help.
Dr. Jim

Fluoride labeled a neurotoxin by top medical journal!

The Lancet, Europe’s top medical journal, just dropped a bomb by labeling Fluoride as a neurotoxin! This is something that is almost as American as apple pie, but a lot more deadly!

Americans consume fluoride daily in the drinking water and in toothpaste as well.  We have been told that fluoride is going to save your teeth so you must use it! Our FDA and EPA have been telling us for decades that this chemical is safe and effective. Now, here comes one of the worlds oldest, and most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals telling the truth behind this nasty chemical. This is not Mad Magazine or some tabloid trash, this is one, if not the most, respected  medical journals in the world.

Perhaps you have seen things here on the net that tell you fluoride is not good for you, but you have thought this is some kook ranting about something they know nothing of.  In some cases that may well be what you have seen. Not in this case.

The Lancet, as well as a recent Harvard study, demonstrates that fluoride is associated with ‘drastic reductions’ in the IQ of children.  And what is in your drinking water and the toothpaste that you and your children use?  Yep, fluoride, and some other chemicals that I will mention later. Think Triclosan.

Interestingly the levels of fluoride analyzed in most of the studies was less than four milligrams (4 mg ) per liter. Our EPA, the agency that sets rules for drinking water, allows level that in your drinking water. In some cases your drinking water may contain more because it may contain a naturally occurring amount of fluoride and then have more added to it by the municipality.

To quote the authors of the journal article “Our very great concern is that children worldwide are being exposed to unrecognized toxic chemicals that are silently eroding intelligence, disrupting behaviors, truncating future achievements and damaging societies, perhaps most seriously in developing countries,” and they went on to suggest that exposure could be the cause of such problems as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) and learning disabilities.

They authors concluded that fluoride fits in the category of lead, mercury and other toxins that are toxic to the brain. They stated that “The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”

Now, go look at that toothpaste you are using and I will wait……….Ok, was fluoride there? If not, Yeah!, you are on the right track. If it was, was there also Triclosan? Ooh. Trash the stuff and get some good, all natural, preferably organic, toothpaste without fluoride and other harmful chemicals and you have made a small, but necessary,  step toward living healthy and being healthy!







Gamma-Tocotrienols may help reduce fat cell numbers

Tocotrienols are a subset of the vitamin E family, and, until now, have not got as much attention. This may change things.

The tocopherols are the darlings of the vitamin E family, and always have been. Alpha tocopherol was the first to be discovered, and for a very long time it was thought to be the only active form. Now we know much more about this family of nutrients and it is getting very interesting.

There are four types of the tocopherols, alpha, beta, delta, and gamma. The natural form of these are noted with the prefix d-. The reason for pointing this out is the fact that much of the vitamin E on the market is the l- form, or synthetic. This brings us to the newest discovery in the vitamin E family, the tocotrienols. There are also four types of the tocotrienols, alpha, beta, delta, and gamma. This brings the total to eight (8) forms of this fat soluble family.

Since the discovery of the tocotrienols much research has been done on them as to various health benefits. They have shown to have good results in protecting the cardiovascular system as well as many other health benefits. Now we have the most recent research that shows they may help in hte battle of the waistline as well.

Researchers from National Taiwan University have found that palm tocotrienols, palm being one of the most readily available sources of tocotrienols, has “inhibitory actions” on fat cells. They tested different forms of the vitamin E for their anti-proliferate effects on 3T3-L1 adipocytes (fat cells).

What they discovered was the gamma-tocotrienol “causes disruption in mitochondrial membrane potential and increases ROS (radical oxygen species) generation, which ultimately lead to fat cell death”.

“This particular study further shows that gamma-tocotrienol is the most effective form of vitamin E in reducing fat cell numbers via regulating specific signaling pathways….which underscores the benefit of using it as a natural supplement in managing obesity”.

Knowing that there are many other benefits of taking the tocotrienols, this just adds one more reason, maintaining a healthy number of fat cells.

As more research comes to light there are sure to be more interesting benefits found for this little known form of the vitamin E family.

New research on the Green-Lipped Muscle (Perna canaliculus)

Osteoarthritis is a common problem that we all face as we grow older. Years of wear and tear and possible trauma to the joint and we have aches and pains that even if they aren’t debilitating, they are very aggravating. Maybe just enough to stop us from enjoying a hobby or pastime that we love. If you are experiencing this, we have something that can help reduce some of the discomfort and let you start enjoying life again.

As someone with osteoarthritis you have probably been prescribed anti-inflammatory medication at some point. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that do not have G.I. (gastrointestinal) problems due to those NSAIDs, but most likely, you have had to deal with the side effects. Maybe you have tried Glucosamine sulfate that a friend recommended and got some relief. If you have contacted us at Doctor’s Nutrition for our recommendation you are probably familiar with our PernaMax. PernaMax is our joint formula using the Green-lipped muscle or Perna canaliculus. Over the past 20 years we have had great results with those suffering with osteoarthritis when they began taking our Perna products.

As mentioned, most prescription therapies for osteoarthritis have G.I. complications. And as you may know, when the G.I. system gets disrupted, there are consequences in other areas. Recent research at the University of Queensland, School of Medicine in Australia found that the Green-lipped muscle and Glucosamine sulfate reduced the symptoms of osteoarthritis and did not cause damage to the G.I. tract. Actually, some positive changes were made, especially in the microbiota profiles; the most notable was a reduction of Clostridia bacteria. Clostridia is a potent modulator of colonic Th17 and CD4+ regulatory cells, known to have the effect of increasing inflammation in the G.I. tract. This in itself would be reason to take Perna canaliculus and Glucosamine sulfate. Hopefully you never have to deal with a Clostridia overgrowth in the G.I. tract, however, if you or someone you know has had that to deal with, you know that it is very unpleasant.

As mentioned, we have been using the Perna canaliculus for a long time and have come to refomulate our compound over the years adding extra Glucosamine sulfate to the formula. We also have added Boswellia for its anti-inflammatory effects as well. This makes PernaMax an excellent formula for the reduction of those pesky osteoarthritis symptoms as well as something that can help protect the gut. That is a win win situation.

If you or someone you know suffers with osteoarthritis symptoms, give us a call and try PernaMax. It just may change your life, and that is what we are all about, living healthy and being healthy.

Detremental effects of high blood sugar on heart muscle!

Everybody knows that when blood sugar goes too high it is a bad thing, but just how bad can it be? Great question! Let’s look at one of our most important areas, the heart.

Various past research has shown that episodes of very high blood sugar, hyperglycemia, is linked to lower glucose uptake by or cells. In other words, insulin resistance. This is postulated as a safety mechanism that prevents the excessive amounts of glucose (sugar) from causing damage to the cells. Yes, too much of a good thing can be really bad.

Recently, 2014 April 17 to be exact, there was an article published in Life Science journal that shows just how this mechanism works and what happens when we have blood glucose levels that are too high. The authors, Joseph D. et al, hypothesized what they thought happens when we consume excessive amounts of sugar and set out to prove their theory. Some eye opening effects for sure.

They were pretty sure that too much sugar (acute hypoglycemic episodes, AHG) would set off a cascade of events, none of which are very good. They took heart cells, cardiomyoblasts, and exposed them to glucose solution in a controlled setting in the lab. The researchers used two solutions to mimic both normal blood sugar and high blood sugar events. They used the most up to date and advanced scientific methods to gather the results. Again, real eye openers.

The researchers found that the high glucose caused an increase in ROS (reactive oxygen species),  stimulated advanced glycation end products (AGE) {and these things do make us age faster, just thought I would through that in for those interested} and blunted glucose uptake by the cells (increasing insulin resistance).

What can we take from this and apply to our lives to be able to live healthier? First thing we know is that AHG increased ROS, or a need for more antioxidants. These ROS guys cause inflammation and we know that chronic inflammation is a very bad thing. It alone has been implicated in all sorts of disease processes, including heart disease and cancer. That is enough for me to forgo the sugar or high carb diet.

They also discovered something called non-oxidative glucose pathway (NOGP) is activated by the episode of high sugar (AHG) and that takes glucose metabolism away form our normal ability to use the glucose or causes insulin resistance.

One very interesting finding of this research was that the researchers employed a compound, one that we often suggest for those with glucose handling problems, benfotiamine, a specialized formulation of vitamin B1, and found that it shunted the bad NOGP and decreased ROS generation as well as help restore normal glucose uptake by the cells!

All this exciting new evidence points to the fact that we desperately need to change our current dietary factors. All Americans, and others around the world for that matter, consume too much sugar and foods that easily turn into sugar in our bodies. This includes all grains and grain products (cereals, pasta, etc.), fruits, and of course sugar sweetened beverages of all kinds. I know how hard that can be when we are bombarded with dis-information via advertising, but, if we want to live healthy and be healthy, we must do it. In our patients that will adopt the low carb, no sugar diet, we always see drastic improvement in their overall health including weight loss.

Milk, something you really need to know before your next glass!

Milk is often referred to as a super food.  For cows, maybe. For humans, not such a good idea.

You may have read that industrialized milk contains growth hormones and antibiotics. You may have even read that it is over pasteurized, again, not good. But, there is more!

You may have noticed that girls are reaching puberty earlier, and men are all suffering from low T (low testosterone). Why? Could it be the foods that we all eat? Pollution comes in all forms, from the BPA in plastics to the hormones in meats and now we have milk.

Some time back there was a big brouhaha about the rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) use in industrialized milk. So much so that a lot of the milk producers started not using it and marketed their milk as ‘hormone free’. That label may not be telling the whole truth, like so many labels these days.  Seems that the cows in these commercial dairies are producing much higher levels of natural sex hormones.

Commercial cows, cows in a modern dairy operation, even organically raised cows, are milked 10 months out of 12 due to being impregnated while still lactating, and during the last few months of her pregnancy the cow’s hormones are extremely high just like any female that is pregnant. How high you ask? Some research done comparing commercial cows in Japan with traditionally grown Mongolian cows showed that the commercial cows milk contained 67% more estrogen, and 650% more progesterone than the traditionally grown Mongolian cows milk.

With this knowledge we can see how it could cause early puberty in girls due to the high estrogen levels, but when you think about the big picture you can see how these increased hormones may be causing other problems. Take for instance the increase in low T in men of all ages.  Could making men more exposed to higher doses of estrogen be causing a lowering of testosterone? And what other problems could it be causing?

Back to Japan for a minute; studies starting back in the early 2000’s as to why Japanese men were getting prostate cancer, a 25 fold increase in 50 years, was linked to milk consumption. In Japan prior to WW ll dairy products weren’t widely available. After the war we imported cows, and our modern technology for dairy production, and that correlated with the increase in prostate cancer. The Japanese even went so far as to pass a law that mandated schoolchildren  drink 200 milliliters of milk at every school lunch. Talk about food Nazi’s. There has been a lot of chatter in the scientific community about the increase levels of these hormones and other cancers like breast cancer as well. So ladies, don’t think you have escaped this one.

By now you are saying “none of my favorite foods are safe”, and you would be correct. This is why we must educate others as to the potentials of the pollutants, PCB’s and others, as well as the contamination of the foods like dairy. Antibiotics are bad enough, giving rise to super bugs,  but now we know that these modern practices of the dairy farmer are putting us at risk due to increased hormones in dairy products, even the organic stuff! Help yourself and others by educating them as to the dangers involved, and while you are at it, contact your representative and let them know that you don’t like being poisoned without knowledge of the facts. Now that you know you can seek out that small dairy farmer that does not use these modern practices, or at least know to avoid dairy all together for health reasons.