Healthcare, whose responsibility is it?

In America, we only think about healthcare when it makes the news, as in Obama Care. Even then it is usually only involved with who is going to pay for it. The other times that we think about healthcare is when our health, or someones we know, falls apart.

Healthcare means more than some number or odd sounding name put on a disease process, and taking care of our health is ultimately our responsibility. After all, it is your health we are talking about, right? Would you really want to turn that over to some government panel or committee at some insurance company? I didn’t think so. But, where do you start?

For the average person to get involved in their own healthcare they need advice. Someone they can ask questions, and get guidance from. This is exactly what Doctor’s Nutrition does, we offer guidance and access to anyone needing it. We provide a knowledge base to help answer your questions, and access to talk to a doctor that is involved in natural methods of healthcare. Also knowledgeable in standard allopathic treatments as well. We provide accessibility to lab work (blood work) without the costs usually associated. Our philosophy is simple, provide information and advice that can help the individual make good choices in the healthcare market place.


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