Milk, something you really need to know before your next glass!

Milk is often referred to as a super food.  For cows, maybe. For humans, not such a good idea.

You may have read that industrialized milk contains growth hormones and antibiotics. You may have even read that it is over pasteurized, again, not good. But, there is more!

You may have noticed that girls are reaching puberty earlier, and men are all suffering from low T (low testosterone). Why? Could it be the foods that we all eat? Pollution comes in all forms, from the BPA in plastics to the hormones in meats and now we have milk.

Some time back there was a big brouhaha about the rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) use in industrialized milk. So much so that a lot of the milk producers started not using it and marketed their milk as ‘hormone free’. That label may not be telling the whole truth, like so many labels these days.  Seems that the cows in these commercial dairies are producing much higher levels of natural sex hormones.

Commercial cows, cows in a modern dairy operation, even organically raised cows, are milked 10 months out of 12 due to being impregnated while still lactating, and during the last few months of her pregnancy the cow’s hormones are extremely high just like any female that is pregnant. How high you ask? Some research done comparing commercial cows in Japan with traditionally grown Mongolian cows showed that the commercial cows milk contained 67% more estrogen, and 650% more progesterone than the traditionally grown Mongolian cows milk.

With this knowledge we can see how it could cause early puberty in girls due to the high estrogen levels, but when you think about the big picture you can see how these increased hormones may be causing other problems. Take for instance the increase in low T in men of all ages.  Could making men more exposed to higher doses of estrogen be causing a lowering of testosterone? And what other problems could it be causing?

Back to Japan for a minute; studies starting back in the early 2000’s as to why Japanese men were getting prostate cancer, a 25 fold increase in 50 years, was linked to milk consumption. In Japan prior to WW ll dairy products weren’t widely available. After the war we imported cows, and our modern technology for dairy production, and that correlated with the increase in prostate cancer. The Japanese even went so far as to pass a law that mandated schoolchildren  drink 200 milliliters of milk at every school lunch. Talk about food Nazi’s. There has been a lot of chatter in the scientific community about the increase levels of these hormones and other cancers like breast cancer as well. So ladies, don’t think you have escaped this one.

By now you are saying “none of my favorite foods are safe”, and you would be correct. This is why we must educate others as to the potentials of the pollutants, PCB’s and others, as well as the contamination of the foods like dairy. Antibiotics are bad enough, giving rise to super bugs,  but now we know that these modern practices of the dairy farmer are putting us at risk due to increased hormones in dairy products, even the organic stuff! Help yourself and others by educating them as to the dangers involved, and while you are at it, contact your representative and let them know that you don’t like being poisoned without knowledge of the facts. Now that you know you can seek out that small dairy farmer that does not use these modern practices, or at least know to avoid dairy all together for health reasons.

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