Brief understanding of the ICD 9 diagnostic coding system

Here is a comment that we hear all too often; I asked my doctor to test my_____________, and they refused. Hopefully this will help you understand why this happens.

For instance, I talked to a gentleman that had asked his doctor to test his testosterone. He is over 50, and has experienced some fatigue, both good reasons to ‘want to know’. His doctor asked him why he wanted the test, and he responded; because I want to know. His doctor fired back; wrong answer! Needless to say, he was perturbed, until I explained the ICD coding system.

The ICD coding system is the International Classification of Diseases and it is used to tell the insurance company, and anyone else looking into your records, know exactly why the test was needed. Yep, once they use an ICD code, you are labeled. There are thousands of these troublesome little codes, and if the wrong one is used, you are labeled with something you may or may not have, for life. Oh, and there is not one for ‘the patient wanted to know’. No code, no test ordered and no test payed for by the insurance company.

This is why we do not file insurance claims or provide the information, ICD code, that is needed for the filing. We do not like being restricted by insurance companies and their cumbersome requests for ‘more information needed’, which always happens if a test other than the ‘routine’ are ordered.

We at Doctor’s Nutrition provide you with access to getting a test done because ‘you want to know’, and at a very reasonable cost. If you are tired of being told no, there is a better way. Taking control of your healthcare will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Call us, we can help.
Dr. Jim

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