Effects of vitmain D2 and D3 on Amyloid-B40 (plaque associated with Alzheimer’s)

Your doctor checked you vitamin D levels, they were low, and he or she put you on a D2 supplement. Good or bad? Could be a lot better for sure.

A new article in Current Alzheimer Research, ( http://bit.ly/1AGzvTl ) published in September, 2014, shows that vitamin D2 can actually cause an increase in the B-Amyloid plaque seen in Alzheimer’s disease, while the D3 form of the vitamin did not cause any increase in the B-Amyloid.

This is profound due to the fact that the prescription form of vitamin D that is used by mainstream medicine is the D2 form.  We can look into the prevalence of the increase in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and know that anything that increases the B-Amyloid plaques associated with it is not a good thing.

Ad to that the fact that we know from prior research that vitamin D3 is associated with a decrease (6%) in overall mortality and D2 is associated with an increase (2%) in overall mortality. Wow, and they still prescribe the stuff? You might ask; why haven’t we seen this in the mainstream news? Good question. My thought is that you may never see this in the mainstream due to the connection to Big Pharma, the drug companies that make D2.  Another interesting factoid, just published in the Journal Epidemiology, shows that low levels of vitamin D increases the risk of dementia. We just have to make sure it is the right kind of D, that being D3, and not D2.

Here is another place where you and I are going to have to look after our own health. We can’t depend on a system that advocates prescribing something that ca make for increased overall mortality.

Reminds me of a quote of a physician I have a lot of respect for: “never relinquish your common sense to anyone, especially a health care provider”, George McCullars, M.D, Ph.D. Now that we know, we can do the right thing!






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